Is Cast Iron Pot Worth Buying? You’ll understand after you read it

Wok is a must in everyone’s home, and there are many different kinds of wok on the market.
If ceramic, iron pot, aluminum pot, stainless steel, non-stick pot, titanium alloy and so on.
Now it seems that many people favor the cast iron pot. Why does this heavy and slightly ugly pot deserve so many people’s favor?
Let’s follow Xiaobian to see what the charm of the cast iron pot is.

Why a cast iron pan?

Good thermal insulation performance

Cast iron is re-forged from pig iron and belongs to the category of pig iron.
Because cast iron conducts heat only about one-third as well as aluminum, this means that cast-iron pans are really bad at uniformly heating.
But its biggest advantage is its high volumetric heat capacity (the amount of heat that needs to be absorbed or released for a temperature change of 1 ° C), which means that once it gets hot, it can stay hot for a long time.

This is especially important when cooking meat: the steak doesn’t drop in temperature when it touches the body of the pan, which quickly caramelizes the surface and locks in the juices.

Another advantage is its high emissivity.

For example, the emissivity of stainless steel is about 0.07, even when its temperature is very high, you will not feel any heat close to it, cooking in this kind of pan heat can only reach the food and the pan contact side;
Cast iron pans, by contrast, have a 0.64 emission rate, which allows the whole thing to heat up, which is where the chefs call “wok gas.”

Good sealing performance

Cast iron pot covers are very heavy, creating a relatively closed circulation system inside the pot, so the cast iron pot can produce similar effects to a pressure cooker. For example, the stews are easy to taste and crispy, less water loss, you can eat the original flavor of the food, etc.

The diversity of cooking

Cast iron pot can almost meet all the daily cooking needs, frying, frying, stewing, boiling, baking, there is no rare pour cast iron pot, at the same time the cast iron pot can be applied to a variety of heat sources, open fire, oven, induction cooker, are not under the question, and cast iron pot can also serve as tableware directly on the table.

Imagine pretreating food in a cast-iron pan on the stove, putting it straight into the oven, and then bringing it to the table in one sitting.

Of course, no matter how good a cast-iron pot is, it has a downside: it’s heavy

The weight of the cast iron pot is generally about 2-4 kg. If you want to weigh the pot, you should give up directly!
It basically takes two hands to pick it up.

Need maintenance

Before you decide to buy a cast iron pot, you need to have a deep understanding of it, how to cook, use, maintain these are essential.
Only fully understand it, after paying for it, slowly you will find it more and more easy to use, more and more like it.
If you only take it as an ordinary pot, do not go to the correct use, maintenance, you will feel it is a heavy, rust and unqualified pot.

Cast – iron POTS are good, but they have many disadvantages.
For people who like cooking can start, those who rarely cook next time a month is not recommended to use the cast iron pot, after all, the price is placed there, and also need maintenance, more trouble.

Post time: Jun-09-2021