How to open the cast iron pot maintenance?

How to open the cast iron pot maintenance?

① First of all, LC white enamel
In my opinion, white enamel can be used without boiling process. Buy hot water to clean the dust on the surface, and then wipe it with a cloth dipped in soda powder, and then clean it with hot water.
Sometimes accidentally paste pot, can also be soaked with hot water, and then with soda powder to wipe, wipe not clean with soda bubble for a night, the next day can be scrubbed.
After use as long as the pot dry water, small fire drying can be, especially pay attention to the point of pot edge without enamel coating of the place with a thin layer of oil, to prevent rust.

② Especially to say the black enamel of ST
Although black enamel is more practical, but do rise to also want relatively complex bit, because black enamel surface has fine capillary pore, so oneself proposal does not use the chemical preparation such as essence of wash clean forever to undertake cleaning!
For example, if you had a good pot, the pores are immersed in oil to form a non-stick layer, you wash a dishwashing liquid.
Secondly, the chemical composition of detergent may be absorbed by capillary pores, residual in the pot, the gain outweighs the loss.

I. Once you have the cast iron pan, rinse the surface with clean water and then scrub with baking soda again.
II. Put the pot on the stove and dry it with a low heat. Turn off the heat, drip the cooking oil into the pot and spread it over the whole pot.
III. Fry green leafy vegetables in vegetable oil after raising, do not add salt and other seasonings, and discard the fried green leafy vegetables.
IV. Blot the grease with flour, rinse with water, and use directly.
V. After use, it is best to dry with a small fire and store in a dry place for later use.
VI. After raising the pot, the surface will naturally form a smooth layer of feeling, when using the hot pot, pour oil, it will not stick the pot.

③ plain cast iron pot without enamel layer
The ordinary cast iron wok is cooked in the same way as the black enamel wok. The wok is fried with vegetables.
But because the ordinary cast iron pot does not have enamel coating to isolate the outside air, it needs to be well served. If it is not used often, it is very easy to rust!
So every time after use must be “small fire dry”, “wipe a layer of thin oil”, “dry place storage”.
(Put key parts in quotation marks)
If rust unfortunately, you can use vinegar method, first heat the pot, turn off the fire, dip some white vinegar with a rag, directly wipe the rusty parts, general rust can be removed.
Then continue to dry, grease and set aside.

Post time: Jun-09-2021