Dutch Oven 5 QT Cast Iron Casserole Pot + 1.6 QT Skillet Lid Pre Seasoned with Handle Covers & Stand for Camping Home Cooking BBQ Baking

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5 quart seasoned cast iron double dutch oven. overmont cast iron double dutch oven works overtime. featuring a lid that easily converts to a skillet. the domed cover is great for roasts and non-knead bread recipes, too. conducts heat evenly and efficiently just like cast iron should. measures 11x11x6.7” with lid.

Pre-seasoned cookware. a good seasoning makes all the difference. overmont seasons its cookware with 100% vegetable oil; no synthetic coatings or chemicals. the more you use your iron, the better the seasoning will get.

Sturdy, comfortable handles - We know cookware can get heavy when it‘s filled with your grandma’s secret recipes. that’s why we designed two comfortable handles into both the cast iron pot and lid to help you transport your family traditions smoothly and safely. we also throw in 2 silicone handle covers as the pot can get very hot after cooking. you can even serve dinner directly from the lid.

Versatile, superior cooking - this double cast iron set works everywhere you go. it can be used both on the stove and in the oven, and can withstand temperatures well above what is considered safe for non-stick pans. overmont double dutch ovens also come with a stand which allows you to cook outdoors.

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How to care: Once you are done cooking on Overmont Dutch oven, cleanup is pretty easy. Make sure to dry it completely after clean. While the pot is still warm, lightly oil the inside of the pan with your oil of choice. Again, a super thin coat is all you need. Use a cloth or paper towel to rub off any excess. Overmont dedicated to provide the best sporting experiences for the new generation outdoor sports enthusiasts. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any issue.

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