About Us

Clean Environment

A wide, clean road.
The green plants and trees are full of vitality.
Pavilion, fountain, green space, dotted among them.
It makes you feel like you're in a park.
And neatly lined factories on both sides of the road ,whispering machines, methodical busy workers who tell us this isn't a park.
It is the factory of Shijiazhuang MiCai Metal Products Sales Co.ltd.
Walked into the workshop.
Is no longer the old impression of the past foundry enterprises.Smoke and dust flew and sparks flew
It's very clean and tidy.I can't imagine that this is the workshop of a foundry factory.


MiCai Metal Products Sales Co.ltd. as an equipment manufacturing enterprise.
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It is a leading Manufacture of cast iron cookwares.The total construction area is more than 180,000 square meters.


Only good devices make good products

From raw material smelting to molten iron operation, from model casting to finished product production, the whole production process of our Company has been fully automatic and fully closed operation.Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the advanced concept of work. In order to provide the whole process of casting safety, guarantee high quality .Our company specially introduced five Disa production lines from abroad.Such as resin sand production line, sand casting steel production line and machining production line which can realize full automation production and so on.

We own technology development and quality control inspection team. Support OEM for all the products.

Exquisite technology, precision manufacturing, quality products, of course, need the support of talents."At present, the professional quality of enterprise personnel is strong, with 15 senior engineers, 50 technical personnel, professional technical engineers have more than 20 years of professional technical ability.